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Online Banking Best Practices
At Liberty Bay Bank, we want to ensure your information is safe and secure in your home or office. Here are some helpful tips:
·         Monitor accounts frequently (daily as a best practice). Immediately review Wire, ACH or other transaction confirmations.
·         Implement dual controls and approval for ACH and Wire transfers so that dual approval is required before the transaction is initiated at the Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI).
·         Never share user IDs, passwords, PIN numbers, dynamic tokens, etc. with anyone. Do not leave them in an area that is not locked/secured.
·         Do not use the same login or password on any other website or software.
·         Obtain and install antivirus, anti-malware and anti-spyware, and consider installation of a firewall (and make sure it is active and automatically updated by the vendor, or take necessary steps to keep it updated).
·         Keep your operating system up to date.
·         Educate all company personnel on good cyber security practices, clearing the internet browser’s cache before and after visiting the Financial Institution’s website, to avoid having malware installed on a computer.
- e.g., if a media player needs to be updated, go to the official media player website to install the update. Clicking on a fake update installation link could just mask a hacker downloading malware onto the computer.
·         Verify use of a secure session. (https:// and not http://).
·         Avoid saving passwords to a computer.
·         Never leave a computer unattended when using any online banking service, and always lock you computer when away.
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